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Tonneau Covers: Truck Bed Covers

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau Covers

A lot of truck owners have tonneau covers, but it can’t just be for the sleek appearance it gives the truck- right? Sure, we all get accessories to spruce up our vehicles and give them a “me” feeling, but tonneau/truck bed covers do more than give a uniform appearance; there are tremendous benefits to installing tonneau covers over your bed.

Let’s uncover some of the basics of tonneau covers before digging into some need-to-know information for truck owners.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Tonneau Cover for Your Truck

Black truck with a tonneau cover opening and a neon light.

What Are Tonneau Covers?

Blue pick-up truck driving in a canyon.

The first thing to know about the tonneau cover is how it’s pronounced and where it came from. It’s pronounced “taw-no” and it’s a French word that means “barrel” or “cask” as some of the earlier cars had a rounded open back compartment with passenger seats that looked like a barrel. Back then, drivers would use soft leather covers to protect the passenger seats from weather and that’s how they got the name “tonneau”. Whether you want to use the formal name or bed cover is up to you, they’re interchangeable and everyone will know what you mean.

The technology of tonneau covers has changed since those days, but the function is still the same- a tonneau cover protects the truck bed by covering it.

How to Choose a Tonneau Cover

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White truck with it's lights on at night time.
Women touching her red pick-up truck while loading items.

How Do Bed Covers Help the Truck Bed?

The first thing people think of when looking to buy tonneau covers is protecting the items they’re carrying in the truck bed itself, but installing bed covers protects more than what you’re carrying. They help protect the bed while giving your truck an extra advantage:

Keep the Elements at Bay

You don’t need to use the truck bed regularly for wear and tear to take effect, leaving scratches and scrapes in the bed lining. Those little damages leave openings for water from rain, melting snow, and even regular washing to get in and eat away at the metalwork. This affects everyone, whether you think you don’t use the truck bed often enough to invest in a cover. Even if that doesn’t sway you, don’t forget about the damage UV rays can do to the bed liner over time.

Fuel Milage

This may not be a direct benefit to the truck bed, but who wouldn’t feel happier about saving some cash at the gas pump? Tonneau covers have an aerodynamic design that generates less air drag on the truck, which increases your gas mileage by up to 5%-10% compared to an open bed.

Tonneau Cover Uses

Tonneau covers provide numerous uses besides protecting the truck bed itself and helping increase your gas mileage! They also help with:

Securing Cargo

Theft is always a concern when cargo is left for the criminal eye to see. Tonneau covers provide the “out of sight, out of mind” security you want!

Uniformity with a Cover

There is comfort in your truck presenting a solid appearance, a single uniform presentation. Tonneau covers come in a wide variety of sizes and materials, even customizable, so your truck works for your needs.

How to Measure Your Truck for a Tonneau Cover

Big black pick-up truck.

Truck Tonneau Covers: Our Guides Got You Covered

We at Ultimate Truck have you covered on all you need to know to protect your truck and how to select the best equipment to get the job done. Check out our tonneau cover guides and discover how to get the best bed cover for your truck.

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