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Deciding to purchase anything for your truck likely means debating if it’s worth the cost and effort to get it. A tonneau cover for a truck bed is one of those accessories many truck owners debate on buying and installing, wondering if they truly need it or if it’s a luxury purchase that’s just nice to have.


Tonneau covers offer many advantages that benefit the truck bed so much that you could easily call it a need, if not a wise investment for the longevity of your truck (and wallet). Read on to learn the reasons why you need a tonneau cover for your truck.


5 Reasons Trucks Should Have Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers could be called your truck’s best friend and here are just some of the reasons why:

Protecting Against the Elements with a Bed Cover

Truck bed covers are built to resist the damage caused by weather, but what about your cargo? No matter how much we depend on the weatherman and meteorology, the weather doesn’t always stick to the predictions and that can be havoc for what you’re packing in the truck bed. Beyond that, your truck bed will show signs of wear and tear from rain, melting snow, and regular washing all eating away at the paint. Tonneau covers thwart that damage while protecting your cargo from the elements.

Avoid Wind Drag for Improved Gas Mileage

While a truck, like other cars, has a partially aerodynamic design, the truck bed gives you drag that increases how much gas you use. The tonneau cover does have an aerodynamic design and will help generate less air drag, increasing your gas mileage by around 5 to 10% compared to an open bed. Cutting down the wind drag on your truck not only saves you at the gas pump but helps the tonneau cover pay for itself.

Tonneau Covers Provide Security

Out of sight, out of mine, as the saying goes. Tonneau covers help protect your cargo by hiding what you’re carrying from thieves while also putting another barrier in their way. Truck bed covers don’t only hide your cargo, but many of them have added safety features like locking mechanisms to actively prevent anyone curious from accessing the truck bed. If you’re concerned a person could cut through the bed covers on your truck, we recommend reading about soft vs. hard tonneau covers to make an informed decision.

Improved Look With a Tonneau Cover

There is comfort in your truck presenting a solid appearance. Tonneau covers come in a wide variety of sizes and materials. Some can be customized with a personal design or graphics so your truck can suit you. 

A Tonneau Cover Helps Cargo Stay Organized

Driving moves the cargo, but the wind can make the truck bed a disaster while traveling and the shuffling around of what you’ve loaded can mean damage to your things. Tonneau covers help prevent the wind from shifting cargo around and avoid spills, improving the organization and safety of your things in the truck bed.

Protect Your Truck

You can see from the 5 reasons listed, a tonneau cover is less of a luxury feature and closer to a necessity to protect your truck. We at Ultimate Truck have you covered on all you need to know to protect your truck and how to select the best equipment to get the job done. Check out our tonneau cover guides and discover how to get the best bed cover for your truck!