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Mud Flaps

The Undercarriage Protection

Personalize & Protect

Mud flaps are frequently an afterthought for truck owners, but why is that the case? Personalizing your vehicle is always a plus, and mud flaps provide a new area to further fuse your style with your truck, but they also deliver a range of benefits that help protect it from both everyday damage and rougher roads. 

Truck owners tend to think the fender wells are sufficient, they are designed to hold much of what you run into while driving, but they need some help to protect and prevent wear and tear damage. The fender wells don’t reach down behind the tires, so road debris can be kicked up with significant force which damages the undercarriage and the paint.

Mud flaps create an additional barrier that helps prevent:

    • Rust from forming
    • Encouraging chemicals and oil to stick on them rather than your truck
    • Preventing dents and chips caused by flying debris
Rear flaps with a metal edge.
Flaps on a pick-up truck.
Close up a mud flap on a red truck.
Mud flaps on a large dual-wheel truck.

Protect Your Truck for the Long Haul

We at Ultimate Truck have everything the truck owner and enthusiast could want, even a large range of mud flaps for every type of truck out there. Don’t let your vehicle succumb to the road’s hazards, explore how to better protect your truck for the long haul.

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