So, you realize you need some mud flaps on your vehicle. If you drive a car or small sport utility, molded contoured flaps offered by the vehicle manufacturer, Weathertech or Husky will be your best option.

If you drive a pickup or larger SUV, then your options widen. Molded plastic contoured flaps are still an option for these vehicles. If these vehicles are used for towing many times a molded mud flap is not large enough to protect the trailer in the rear or to keep debris off the running board in front.

Aluminum and stainless-steel flaps work well but will get bent and deformed if contacted by a curb or off-road obstacle. Rubber mud flaps can “sail” going down the road limiting effectiveness. Built up mud and clay will weigh down rubber mud flaps, so the flap nearly touches the tire. In reverse, the tire can grab the flap and tear it off the truck. Ultimate Flaps

Are made of semi-rigid polyethylene that stays in the proper position. Our material is nearly indestructible, so the mud flap pops back into place after encountering an obstacle. Our material is grooved on the tire side to channel mud, snow, water, and debris down and away from your vehicle.

We use 304 stainless steel that is laser cut to create our weights or trim plates that we weld stainless steel studs to attach to the bottom of the mud flap. Options include black and custom script, no vehicle manufacturer logos. If a vehicle has aftermarket fender flares, then contoured flaps will not fit. Fender flares are attached to the inside of the wheel well that is inches away from the outside edge of the fender flare. Mud flaps must be attached to the sheet metal or a bracket for strength. Rubber flaps must be mounted inside the edge of flare because the rubber won’t stay flush against the flare because the material is limp.

Ultimate flaps have structure rigidity to mount inches away and allow the flap to be positioned at the outside edge of the flare for a clean look and maximum protection. Lifted vehicles many times have wheels with an offset that positions the tire outside the fender well-requiring fender flares to be legal. Typically, these tires are larger than stock and need more coverage.

If your truck has tight steering clearance in the front our 1” and 2” setbacks may be the answer.


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