Mazda DiabloSport

Founded by one of the co-creators of the first custom chip tuning programs, DiabloSport has constantly pushed to be at the front of aftermarket tuning with their advanced line of hand-held tuners and power programmers for late-model cars, as well as gas and diesel pickup trucks. From their beginning with the first Power Puck, DiabloSport has been the first to bring the most innovative tuners to market. The Trinity tuner was the first all-in-one programmer available, giving users a performance programmer, live data monitor, customizable gauges, and a virtual drag strip. Trinity tuners have a high-resolution full color touch screen, and contain all vehicle applications in one programmer, another industry first! Recently, DiabloSport launched the inTune handheld tuner to replace the wildly successful, but aging, Predator series of tuners. With a sleek new design, the inTune tuner brings handheld tuners down to pocket size, but still holds the same powerful punch, giving your vehicle all of the customized tuning capability it needs. The Power Puck and Extreme Power Puck inline diesel modules allow greater customization of your fuel maps and injection timing, giving you instant power and fuel mileage gains. They also stack with other DiabloSport tuners, so you get even more power!Give DiabloSport tuners and programmers the chance to show you how much improvement they can bring to your gas or diesel engine. With a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, why are you waiting? Call Ultimate Truck at 1-877-921-1531 to order your DiabloSport today!

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