Isuzu Roll-N-Lock

Want a tonneau cover for your truck strong enough to withstand a hurricane? You want a Roll-N-Lock retractable tonneau cover. Roll-N-Lock Corporation got its start building hurricane-proof storm shutters in Florida over 20 years ago, and uses the same technology to build the most sophisticated tonneau cover available for today’s trucks. Using a vinyl fabric cover over aluminum laminate construction, Roll-N-Lock tonneau covers offer you the look and feel of a soft roll-up cover, while still providing the strength and security of a hard cover. In addition to great looks and strength, Roll-N-Lock tonneau covers offer simple one-hand operation of its spring-loaded retractable cover. Roll-N-Lock even offers powered versions of their retractable covers, giving you hands-free utility for your truck bed. For even greater utility, Roll-N-Lock makes their Cargo Manager, a rolling truck bed divider, designed to work with your Roll-N-Lock cover to keep your cargo in safe and secure. The Cargo Manager can move to any position along the Roll-N-Lock side rails, and includes additional tie downs for small cargo, and can quickly tilt to make room for large objects.

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